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The numerical control machine tool industry

CNC machine tool industry is now facing a serious problem, is a high-end CNC machine tool imports dominate.From the perspective of the relevant data of CNC machine tool imports, in November 2012, our country present the downward trend of CNC machine tool imports, import prices, however, has been on the rise, it shows that the high-end CNC machine tool imports continued to rise.Not the machine itself, nc machine tools is the main products, machine tool automation intelligent level of the numerical control system is to determine an important indicator of CNC machine level.However, 90% of China's nc system need to be imported from abroad.
Domestic nc system, especially high-grade CNC system compared with foreign technology, the machining accuracy, stability and reliability, the gap is still obvious.
From home-made numerical control machine tool industry as a whole, our country high-end CNC machine tools is the development of the industry's largest, is also the biggest obstacle of industrial upgrading.Aimed at this situation, the state plans implemented a "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" the science and technology major projects, including more than ten projects.
Due to the complexity of numerical control technology system of large, CNC system is belong to both software and hardware research and development content, high science and technology electronics industry requires large capital technical strength, not a can support a family.On reckless investment, unable to support in the future, easy to cause loss of human resources should be, so it is necessary to the government's guidance.We organized numerical control system of production, study and research, the feature of research.
Yield and output value rate of numerical control machine tool in our country from 11% in 2004 and 27% in 2013 to 34.6%, 54.7%, and the CNC numerical control machine tool production rates in the developed countries average of over 65%, the output value numerical control rate at about 80%, so the development of nc machine tools in China still has large potential, predicts 2020, high-grade numerical control machine tool equipment rate will reach 80%.At present, China's annual consumption of high-grade CNC machine at about 5-60000, the number of amount is in 6 billion yuan, including imports account for about 85% of the total.The future of our country numerical control machine tool industry has good development potential, the space of import substitution is larger