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The Indian government to promote efficient lighting domestic LED is very popular

Indian businessmen streamed to see products, has been squeezed my booth, "ms Chen said to attend India LED products exhibition, although very tired tired every day, but several large customers order from India still excited her.
Modi Indian government to promote efficient lighting plan to activate the huge potential of the LED market.To save the cost of lighting, India plans to provide people with 770 million to 2018 LED bulbs.
Since India LED products mainly rely on imports, of which a considerable part of the Chinese.The efficient lighting plan for the development of Chinese LED manufacturers in India has created a huge business opportunities.
To understand the popularity of Chinese LED products in India, the reporter specially visited earlier this month in new Delhi as India's largest LED products and technology exhibition in 2015.
Chinese companies accounted for one-third of more than 200 exhibitors, the exhibition of LED products, including material, chips, equipment, packaging, and form a complete set of lamps and lanterns and so on, covering the entire LED industry chain.Reporter saw, almost every Chinese booths and there are many Indian businessman.
Ms Chen in charge of the famous company of shenzhen mainly to participate in government procurement lighting company, BAJAJ electrical company in India and Indian giant IT d provide LED lamps and lanterns suite on the street.Famous companies in India office director told reporters that since the modi government LED bulbs to replace incandescent lamp, increasing orders started whirlwind.
LED products in China enjoy "affordable" reputation in India.Ancient lab is chang DE haryana businessmen to do wholesale business in mumbai, has also LED to new Delhi to watch the show.Harry said: "my main hope order LED lights from Chinese manufacturers. Though I'm Indian suppliers to provide products, but the price is China's products are expensive, so the market is not good. So I still want to sell Chinese goods."
Reporters saw many indians on chan booth in asking a developed by the Chinese academy of sciences, is used to drive the LED products.Chan told reporters: "this product is an expert in the Chinese academy of sciences designed according to the Indian voltage instability, install the driver can avoid the damage caused by the sudden rise of bulb."
Ms Chen said the Chinese academy of sciences, the new product price is only half of ordinary light bulbs on the market at present the drive, however, the majority of Indian customers still stays in the product consulting and testing phase, the future after the approval by market this product will let the Indian customers save half cost.This is really cheap and fine.
Reporter saw at the fair by the India's Delhi official approval issued by the testing laboratory a table of mandatory product registration system, including the television, mobile phones, cash registers, plotter, and other products related to LED lighting system is put forward the new standard.
An industry insiders told reporters: "although it can be seen as the Indian government restrictions on Chinese LED products of a kind of practice, but it warned Chinese manufacturers need to work harder to improve the quality of products."