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China's machinery manufacturing industry

"Made in China 2025" and "about promoting international capacity and equipment manufacturing cooperation guidance", points out that to build internationally competitive manufacturing industry is the increasing comprehensive national power, safeguard national security, the only way for construction of a world power."Area" construction as an important platform for the international cooperation capacity, will provide broad market for the development of relevant manufacturing requirements and implementation.
In the recently held in Beijing the 14th Chinese enterprises to carry out the strategy of "going out" on the BBS, China machinery industry federation, executive vice President of Song Xiaogang puts forward, from the overall and strategic height to promote manufacturing enterprises "going out", and promote enterprise by "going out" to "walk in".
The international cooperation capacity on eyes and win-win
Foreign investment and economic cooperation department, deputy director of the department of commerce Zhou Zhencheng view, promote international cooperation in production and equipment manufacturing is the important content of promoting a new round of high level opening to the outside world, to enhance the level of the open economy development;Conducive to the implementation of "area", the central African "three nets" and other major strategic cooperation;Promote Chinese enterprises to improve technology, quality and service level, enhance comprehensive competitiveness;Is helpful to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation with relevant countries in China, promote economic and social development, realize mutual benefit and win-win results.
Zhou Zhencheng stressed that the Chinese government put forward the international cooperation is mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation capacity, according to the different need of world market, to deepen pragmatic cooperation in economy and related industries.Current, rapid progress in science and technology innovation, accelerate industrial structure adjustment, global economic globalization process was accelerated, and the marked characteristics of economic globalization is the division of labor cooperation, complementary advantages.In with relevant countries and regions to carry out international cooperation in the process of production capacity, the Chinese government has always advocated in accordance with the principle of market-oriented operation, follow the international rules, abide by the relevant state laws and regulations and achieve mutual benefit and common development.The Chinese government adhere to give full consideration to the host country resources endowment, supporting ability, factors such as market conditions, make relevant cooperation projects in line with the local actual needs, neither impose beyond the capacity of local tolerance on each other, also do not leave do not conform to the local demand capacity on local;At the same time, the Chinese government also stick to increase and the interests of the host country juncture, actively participate in local economic development, to help boost local economy and the level of industrial development, let more related cooperation projects to benefit the local people's livelihood.
Strength to promote manufacturing enterprises "going out"
At present, our country mechanical manufacturing scale has become the world's first, manufacturing enterprises greatly speed up the pace of "going out".However, our country is still in the process of industrialization, and larger gap compared with advanced countries.Manufacturing big but not strong, independent innovation ability is weak, the key core technology and high-end equipment, external dependency to enterprises as the main body of the manufacturing industry innovation system is not perfect;Industrial structure is unreasonable, high-end equipment manufacturing industry and producer services development lags behind;Informatization level is not high, and industrialization fusion depth is not enough;Industry internationalization degree is not high, the enterprise globalization operation ability is insufficient.To this end, China machinery industry federation, executive vice President of Song Xiaogang puts forward, from the overall and strategic height to promote manufacturing enterprises "going out", and enterprise in the "going out" to enhance the international competitiveness and realize from "go out" to "walk in" transformation.
First of all, should be closely combined with the national strategy, to grasp the principle of demands.Machinery manufacturing "going out", is in production, on the basis of cooperation, and revitalize the stock of synchronous promote the transformation and upgrading of industry and efficiency.One is the "area" all the way to the surrounding infrastructure, connectivity and other major international infrastructure projects, with the advantage of equipment capacity combining "going out" and "engineering" with "industry".The second is the enterprise as the main body, the market as the guidance, according to international practice and business principles to develop international cooperation capacity and equipment manufacturing.3 it is should not only pay attention to the transformation and upgrading of its own, and fully considering the national conditions and actual needs of the host countries and strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation with the local government and enterprises, in accordance with the law of market and other processing good relationship, "going out" is not the international aid, to be on the basis of mutual benefit, to ensure that the investment value.
Next, want to overall planning, put in place.To speed up the pace of "going out", must plan, layout of earlier before, and can't coax up, blind, more not cynical, vicious competition.According to industry characteristics, in line with the principle of each other there is demand, enterprises have the edge, preferred with high industry in our country and equipment fit, cooperation conditions and basis and desire of the developing countries.Will implement the strategy of "area", along with the relevant national development strategy and planning cohesion, gradually leading capacity all-round cooperation.
Third, we should promote the Chinese standard and independent brand of "going out".Push China to "go out" standard, through the use of standard and promote cultivate emerging markets, promote products, industry "going out".Along the miit is working for a "neighbourhood" standard cooperation plan of action, to push the standard of international cooperation.According to statistics, most of the "going out" enterprises rely mainly on capital and Labour advantage, really rely on independent intellectual property rights and brand of "going out" accounted for less than 20%.Through building the brand, cultivating brand international influence, China is not only beneficial to further expand the market, and to improve product added value, improve the industrial international competitiveness.
Fourth, to the whole industrial chain of "going out".Industrial chain as a whole can reduce the cost and risk of "going out", improve the efficiency and effectiveness.China is specialized in manufacturing complete supporting system, based on the machine product design production, key components/parts manufacturing, system integration and service of form a complete set, has a base and advantage.In engineering project, large equipment "go out" meet the demand of engineering construction and the local market for traction, form a complete set of production base construction raw materials and parts processing and distribution base, form a complete industry chain in the regional scope, form a tight coupling between different industry development system.White industrial park in belarus, Zambia's modest than luo industrial park and industrial park, Thailand, Pakistan, haier industrial park, is a typical representative.
Fifth, the enterprise international competitiveness in the "going out".Through overseas acquisitions, equity investment, set up r&d center, enterprise in a new round of technological revolution and industrial revolution, faster access to global innovation achievements, famous brand, key resources and mature marketing service channel, better implement industry layout in the world.At present domestic enterprises, especially the equipment manufacturing enterprise in this respect has made some attempt to success.Such as in the field of engineering machinery, sany, zoomlion, xugong, and other enterprises have acquired global concrete machinery leading enterprises;Shandong weichai power to buy companies in the world's second forklift, kay proud German company for high-end hydraulic components of the world's leading production technology and process.Cars, geely to buy Volvo, changan in Italy, the United States and other places set up r&d center, greatly promotes the development of independent brands.