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Logistics & Inventory Solutions

  • Just-In-Time Delivery: Our highly efficient and reliable scheduling processes, paired with our ability to warehouse finished components and assemblies, enables Suzhou Houdry to deliver on a just in time basis to locations of the customer's choice.
  • Direct Ship: Suzhou Houdry can expertly package and direct ship everything from finished parts to completed assemblies straight to your requested destination.
  • Private Labeling: Suzhou Houdry ships the desired quantities of a finished item directly to a client's customer, but all packaging materials and routing instructions make the containers appear to have come from the client's own facility.
  • Consignment: Houdry can ship its components for storage in a segregated location on a client's property. Invoicing for the inventory from houdry does not commence until the client pulls that inventory for their production processes.
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