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  • China What are the Advantages of Welding Robots in Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications? manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-06
    Welding is a manufacturing process and technique for joining metals by heating, high temperature or high pressure. Welding is a link in the sheet metal fabrication process. Two separate metal parts are connected together by means of pressure or heating to generate interatomic bonding force....Read More>>
  • China The Factory Introduced a Large CNC Machine manufacturer
    Release on2022-07-22
    Due to business needs, the factory introduced a large-scale CNC machine. The overall rigidity of this machine is cast with high-toughness high-grade Meehanna cast iron and annealed, which can effectively eliminate the internal stress of the material. After rough machining, it is annealed to completely eliminate 30% of the internal stress remaining after machining, ensuring the best accuracy stability and durability. The five major castings are all symmetrically designed to provide a stable and high-strength mechanical structure....Read More>>
  • China What are the characteristics of sheet metal fabrication? manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-11
    Sheet metal technicians need to master the technology of sheet metal fabrication, which is an important process for forming a high-quality, high-static sheet metal parts product. So what are the characteristics of sheet metal fabrication technology? Let me introduce to you....Read More>>
  • China Sheet Metal Fabrication Factory Talks about the Main Uses of Sheet Metal manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-25
    There are many sheet metal materials suitable for stamping on the market, so today the sheet metal fabrication factory will show you the main uses of sheet metal....Read More>>
  • China China Internation Furniture Fair 2017 manufacturer
    Release on2017-09-18
    From September 11 to 14, 2017, the 40th CIFF Shanghai will present a fantastic feast for the furniture and home furnishings industry. CIFF features th......Read More>>
  • China Introduction of  HOUDRY metal fabrication manufacturer
    Release on2017-08-15
    That experience and our constant focus on producing precise, dependable, high quality parts has allowed us to become a single­source supplier for a w......Read More>>
  • China sheet metal fabrication OEM manufacturer
    Release on2017-08-11
    Custom Sheet Metal FabricationSheet metal produces durable, end-use metal parts that are fabricated to your specifications.Our custom sheet metal serv......Read More>>
  • China sheet metal fabrication from HOUDRY manufacturer
    Release on2017-08-09
    Sheet Metal Fabrication: Manufacture the products based on design & concept by processes as cutting, bending, forming, welding that made from steel, s......Read More>>
  • China Tips for running a business while studying manufacturer
    Release on2017-08-07
    Its tough,” Tom Meehan, who founded Minibarra while studying for a degree in Business Management with Finance at the University of Westminster, admit......Read More>>
  • China Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks manufacturer
    Release on2017-07-11
    Reduced Risk of ObesityLevine's research began as an investigation into an age-old health question: why some people gain weight and others don't. He a......Read More>>
  • China Did you sit all day , try stand desk manufacturer
    Release on2017-06-21
    Do you sit all day?Drink too much coffee?Have a messy desk?We’re sorry to tell you this, but you probably don’t have a healthy lifestyle.When you th......Read More>>
  • China the name of the standing desk manufacturer
    Release on2017-06-19
    Standing desks have been made in many styles and variations. Standing desks may be specialized to suit particular tasks, such as certain variations of......Read More>>
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