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  • China China Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Service manufacturer
    Release on2023-03-10
    Sheet metal fabrication is the process of cutting, bending, and shaping sheet metal to create a variety of parts and components. It involves taking a flat piece of metal, typically a few millimeters thick, and transforming it into a three-dimensional object that can be used for a specific purpose....Read More>>
  • China Houdry is Reliable Supplier for Sheet Metal Fabrication manufacturer
    Release on2023-02-16
    Suzhou Houdry is a manufacturer engaged in sheet metal fabrication in China. Sheet metal fabrication takes sheet metal as the main material and processes it into various metal products. The company provides customized sheet metal fabrication services to meet the different needs of customers....Read More>>
  • China What are the Advantages of Welding Robots in Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications? manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-06
    Welding is a manufacturing process and technique for joining metals by heating, high temperature or high pressure. Welding is a link in the sheet metal fabrication process. Two separate metal parts are connected together by means of pressure or heating to generate interatomic bonding force....Read More>>
  • China The Factory Introduced a Large CNC Machine manufacturer
    Release on2022-07-22
    Due to business needs, the factory introduced a large-scale CNC machine. The overall rigidity of this machine is cast with high-toughness high-grade Meehanna cast iron and annealed, which can effectively eliminate the internal stress of the material. After rough machining, it is annealed to completely eliminate 30% of the internal stress remaining after machining, ensuring the best accuracy stability and durability. The five major castings are all symmetrically designed to provide a stable and high-strength mechanical structure....Read More>>
  • China What are the characteristics of sheet metal fabrication? manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-11
    Sheet metal technicians need to master the technology of sheet metal fabrication, which is an important process for forming a high-quality, high-static sheet metal parts product. So what are the characteristics of sheet metal fabrication technology? Let me introduce to you....Read More>>
  • China Sheet Metal Fabrication Factory Talks about the Main Uses of Sheet Metal manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-25
    There are many sheet metal materials suitable for stamping on the market, so today the sheet metal fabrication factory will show you the main uses of sheet metal....Read More>>
  • China China Internation Furniture Fair 2017 manufacturer
    Release on2017-09-18
    From September 11 to 14, 2017, the 40th CIFF Shanghai will present a fantastic feast for the furniture and home furnishings industry. CIFF features th......Read More>>
  • China Introduction of  HOUDRY metal fabrication manufacturer
    Release on2017-08-15
    That experience and our constant focus on producing precise, dependable, high quality parts has allowed us to become a single­source supplier for a w......Read More>>
  • China sheet metal fabrication OEM manufacturer
    Release on2017-08-11
    Custom Sheet Metal FabricationSheet metal produces durable, end-use metal parts that are fabricated to your specifications.Our custom sheet metal serv......Read More>>
  • China sheet metal fabrication from HOUDRY manufacturer
    Release on2017-08-09
    Sheet Metal Fabrication: Manufacture the products based on design & concept by processes as cutting, bending, forming, welding that made from steel, s......Read More>>
  • China Tips for running a business while studying manufacturer
    Release on2017-08-07
    Its tough,” Tom Meehan, who founded Minibarra while studying for a degree in Business Management with Finance at the University of Westminster, admit......Read More>>
  • China Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks manufacturer
    Release on2017-07-11
    Reduced Risk of ObesityLevine's research began as an investigation into an age-old health question: why some people gain weight and others don't. He a......Read More>>
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