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HOUDRY is the biggest height adjustable desk manufacturer in Suzhou China. Strong management team with deep  experience in consumer products and technology. George - owner of the Fanfeng Group (founded in 2008) studied from Japan.Over 10 years of experiences specializing in the production of sheet metal parts. Have more than 300 partners of the metal parts every year since 2010. Metal parts are not enough for us. HOUDRY established in 2014 and develop our adjustable desks and linear actuator. In 2018 created a new brand UPLIFTEC. Investment almost 3 million dollars on height adjustable desk and  linear actuator project.

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China What Is a Standing Desk? factory

Advantages & Benefits for choosing a standing desk  
What Is a Standing Desk?

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Suzhou Houdry Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is manufacturing factory which engaged in sheet metal fabrication
service since 2008. Now Our factory covers 12000 square meters, with 250 employees including