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  • China Sheet Metal Fabrication is Closely Related to our Lives manufacturer
    Release on2022-10-12
    As a sheet metal fabrication manufacturer, our aim is to continuously improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and improve high-quality products and competitive prices for customers....Read More>>
  • China Advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal fabrication manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-27
    Sheet metal fabrication is to plastically deform some metal sheets by hand or die stamping to form the desired shape and size, and can further form more complex parts by welding or a small amount of machining, such as letter boxes commonly used in residential areas, Control room console, computer room, etc....Read More>>
  • China What are the Advantages of Welding Robots in Sheet Metal Fabrication Applications? manufacturer
    Release on2022-09-06
    Welding is a manufacturing process and technique for joining metals by heating, high temperature or high pressure. Welding is a link in the sheet metal fabrication process. Two separate metal parts are connected together by means of pressure or heating to generate interatomic bonding force....Read More>>
  • China What Is Sheet Metal Fabrication? manufacturer
    Release on2022-06-17
    Sheet metal fabrication is the custom design and fabrication of stainless steel, iron,  aluminum, galvanized sheet and other materials. The fabricatio......Read More>>
  • China What is a CNC Machine? manufacturer
    Release on2022-07-18
    CNC machine can better solve complex, precise, small batch, and multi-variety parts fabrication problems. It is a flexible and high-efficiency automatic machine, which represents the development direction of modern machine tool control technology and is a typical mechatronics. chemical products. If you need CNC machining, please contact us at sales@sheetmetal-fabrication.com, in addition to machining, we also provide sheetmetal bending, stamping and welding services....Read More>>
  • China The Factory Introduced a Large CNC Machine manufacturer
    Release on2022-07-22
    Due to business needs, the factory introduced a large-scale CNC machine. The overall rigidity of this machine is cast with high-toughness high-grade Meehanna cast iron and annealed, which can effectively eliminate the internal stress of the material. After rough machining, it is annealed to completely eliminate 30% of the internal stress remaining after machining, ensuring the best accuracy stability and durability. The five major castings are all symmetrically designed to provide a stable and high-strength mechanical structure....Read More>>
  • China What are the characteristics of sheet metal fabrication? manufacturer
    Release on2022-08-11
    Sheet metal technicians need to master the technology of sheet metal fabrication, which is an important process for forming a high-quality, high-static sheet metal parts product. So what are the characteristics of sheet metal fabrication technology? Let me introduce to you....Read More>>
  • China What Is a Standing Desk? manufacturer
    Release on2020-08-14
    Advantages & Benefits for choosing a standing desk  
    What Is a Standing Desk?...Read More>>
  • China New trends of sheet metal market for 2020 manufacturer
    Release on2020-03-04
    Suzhou Houdry is structured and covers the entire sheet metal working technology chain: sheet metal, semi-finished and finished products, handling, separation, forming, flexible sheet metal working, joining, welding, tube/section processing, surface treatment, processing of hybrid structures, tools, machine elements, quality control, CAD/CAM/CIM systems, factory equipment and Research & Development. Visitors at the show are sheet metal working specialists at all management levels in small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises, from a variety of industry sectors: mechanical engineering, steel and aluminium construction, the automotive industry and related suppliers, electrical engineering and appliances, aerospace and shipbuilding and more....Read More>>
  • China Commercial Alloy - 6061 T6 Extrusions manufacturer
    Release on2020-03-05
    custom commercial aluminium alloy 6061 T6 extrusion for office funiture, kitchen ,school....Read More>>
  • China Powder coating or painting on sheet metal product surface fabrication manufacturer
    Release on2020-03-06
    Powder coating or paint on your sheet metal products ? We would like to give you some information....Read More>>
  • China Global trade impact of the coronavirus epidemic manufacturer
    Release on2020-03-24
    Global trade impact of the coronavirus epidemic...Read More>>
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