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Machine tool industry transformation and upgrading under pressure for policy guidance to support

1. The most common difficulties
Normal product market has fallen sharply, causing the overall decline in output, income, personnel loss is bigger;Professional technicians, professional design staff, funding research and development of high performance products, financing difficulties, their income is far less than expected, the development of new products in a dilemma;Banks to support the real economy is poor, cause a lot of customer enterprise capital insufficiency, even with the purchase of machine tool, but suffer from money problems, in turn, requires the installment payment for a long time machine tool plant, make the order of the machine tool plant can only give up a lot of unreasonable demands.
2. Entrepreneurship in industry the negative effects
The state shall encourage entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship dream hyped, makes the machine tool industry increasingly serious brain drain.Formed at the same time many new small workshops small businesses use simple assembly, not the quality of all kinds of machine tools at a low price to sell to the customer, for the current great impact in the mainly production mid-range machine tool machine tool plant.
3. The low-price competition form
Reckless expansion of the machine tool industry in the early formation of large capacity, resulting in several major machine tool industry headed by international giant roll out price war, make the most of the machine tool companies grapple with, input costs relative to the new product, a vicious circle caused by low price competition, causing serious consequences to the enterprise.
2. Problem two: the current market demand structure change?
1. The market demand structure change
From small vertical machining center of market demand, product sales of the most original of lower prices, but the change in recent years, low prices, sales of ordinary processing center to reduce a lot of, large size slightly increase processing center, high-end multi-axis nc machine tools due to haven't fully meet or exceed customer expectations, affecting the market expanding.Ordinary elevator milling machine sales fell sharply, CNC milling machine sales has increased, but not increase, CNC gantry milling machine unsold, heavy large product demand remains in the doldrums, demand is relatively reduced a lot in the last few years.In recent years, small and medium-sized product demand is better, but the increasing demand for personalized, delivery time shortened.
2. Industry industrial structure adjustment
Adjustment of industrial structure in recent years, the industry has been gradually, and received a certain effect.For example, in order to improve the aerospace, military industry, nuclear industry, high-end five-axis most rely on imports of equipment, some enterprises began to march to the aerospace field, focus on research and development of five-axis linkage vertical machining center, five-axis linkage machining center of blade and five axes linkage horizontal machining center, etc. Series of products and industrial robot intelligent production line, hope that through these products research and development, the alternative parts imported products, improve the industrial chain is missing.Some companies also increases the professional to undertake the aerospace, military industry and other parts processing business, by CNC machining center professional manufacturers to expand to the downstream industry do processing business customers.But at present domestic five-axis linkage machine tool product development and marketing of slow progress, the market share is not high.Although the state has repeatedly advocated war industry, the state-owned enterprise to use domestic high-end equipment, but the real implementation down to much difficulty.

In recent 10 years in the production of CNC machine tools and quickly developing high-end products for the leading product of new private enterprises, in the machine tool industry in the doldrums, the market demand structure changes can seize opportunities in face, get steady development in the adverse circumstance, such as: Beijing carved technology, ningbo Haitian seiko, chengdu prius, jia tai nc, and other enterprises in fujian province.