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Machine tool industry low-cost industrial m&a can turn the crisis into opportunities

On October 18, the world's first manufacturer of sheet metal machines German general fast group, in the form of injection of 72% stake in yangzhou jiangsu Jin Fangyuan HanJiang area of CNC machine tool co., LTD.
Germany "fast" currently installed more than 2000 machine tool in China.On the surface, its technical strength is far ahead of any domestic machine tool manufacturers, however, the "price of their products and high-end technology, and in the Chinese market, high-end machine account for only a tiny proportion, which makes it group had to seek new strategy - to the customer base at home in the end of the market.""Jin Fangyuan" chairman Mi ZhongYe said the cooperation, is in Germany to see "Jin Fangyuan" side in the domestic market.
"Jin Fangyuan" end of nc machine tool in the domestic market share among the industry's top five, as well as smaller's top five in the enterprise assets.For purpose of cooperation, Germany "fast" chairman of the board card, call a spade a spade: "we will offer clients from the same group of the products, and meet the needs of customers different levels, this advantage will ensure we ahead of competitors."
Cooperation announced the same day, have appeared on the Internet a lot of comments.Some opinion, "Jin Fangyuan" through the cooperation with foreign companies, expand the international sales channels, implements the enterprise the added value of assets and brand value.Also has the opinion, the localization of the machine tool manufacturers in the world strategic acceleration was occupied by the foreign party will make the domestic market, domestic counterparts should be cause for alarm.We note that the machine tool industry in China, many people believe that the cooperation more means "Wolf", the reason for worry is with the cooperation of both sides.But it is understood that although the absolute holding fast group, but in the future operation will retain Jin Fangyuan brand and Jin Fangyuan company independent space, and technology on the two sides are not each other.
"This is actually a dual brand operation strategy: on the one hand, using the fast group, credibility and influence, enhance customer loyalty; on the other hand, with the help of local Jin Fangyuan brand retained its appeal in the mid-market, this is no small impact to other competitors. Moreover, foreign advanced technology does not communicate, is still on the domestic counterparts forming technology."HanJiang a machine tool manufacturer told local said, used in many occasions, machine tool equipment does not require an extremely sophisticated and precise technology, but require the use of the equipment cost and match the output benefit, it used to be a soft rib of the foreign counterparts, and also is the end in domestic machine tool manufacturers can be the cause of the rapid development.But after forming such cooperation, it became the advantage of foreign companies.While Germany foreign counterparts in addition to cutting-edge technology such as fast, but also has advanced manufacturing and after-sales management system, can according to customer demand precise processing or timely delivery of any spare parts and accessories, to this, Chinese manufacturers also hard to do.
"The Chinese machine tool enterprises should learn the good response to the crisis."Jiangsu Shi Li lawyer at lau believed that since the 2008 financial crisis, the world machine tool market weakness, mainly high-end market foreign enterprise is more severe than Chinese companies affected, but they are good at seize the market value of the domestic machine tool manufacturers decreased chance to implement low-cost industrial merger, seize an opportunity to strengthen ourselves, beyond the competitors.And domestic enterprises in the face of the downturn, many chose to put aside the real economy, in the virtual economy, such as cash, borrowing, bond.Relative merits, the market will give an answer soon.(a) morning