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New energy-saving doors and Windows become the inevitable trend of development

Over the next 30 years, 4 billion square meters of new buildings will be built.Windows and doors curtain wall of the merchants began to pay attention to the needs of the consumers, the significant changes of innovative thinking, trying to keep up with the wall even create popular consumption, energy saving has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the market hot spots, energy-saving Windows and doors curtain wall products, such as aluminum wood composite door, solid wood doors and Windows, doors and Windows system, low-e glass, etc., are increasingly being local consumers and dealer's consistent high praise.
The design of Windows and doors curtain wall hardware needed to diversification personalized
Fixed and rigid space has quietly dropped, consumers no longer content with a regular space, even if the rigid, rigorous work content also need a fairly easily, colorful environment support.Dull, dark wall gradually end, diversification of white, yellow, blue, green, red etc bright-coloured colour into the mainstream.In order to meet the 80 groups of white-collar mainstay, after more brands sought to break through the wall.For example, some manufacturers began to move on wall "shape" on his office wall brain, various polyhedron cutting and multi-angle to spell process is always hard to forget. On the wall of the New energy and energy saving of Windows and doors hardware requirements in the future
Hardware construction into a inevitable trend, low carbon environmental protection, energy saving needs
Nowadays, more and more decorate a style to a variety of buildings, the color of the original configuration file is difficult to meet the needs of the consumers, the color profiles.Whether plastic doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows and window or real wood door, composite door, color demand significantly more prosperous color wood surface is colored wood aluminum Windows and doors of the lacquer that bake has now become a popular fashion.Rich variety of color style color wood Windows and doors, lining beautiful elegance of the glass door, cold hard rigidity into a beautiful "face".An official said, doors and Windows, wood use spray paint the effect, color changing, "what color what color do you want to."
No longer limited to wall materials used in aluminum, more can satisfy the environmental protection, long life and other materials required by put into use, aluminum alloy doors and Windows and Windows systems use color profiles, plastic extrusion color profiles, not only has good energy saving, heat insulation, heat, vibration, noise performance, and beautiful atmosphere, reflect the construction of character.Recently, xiangfan real estate project site to see, many commercial buildings are being built, rendering, architectural color is very bright, golden eaves, dado..... And silver shade xiangfan city itself become a fashion index.Can satisfy the weatherability, water tightness, impact resistance, and many other daily needs the continuous application of wall.One of the most can reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide excretion double curtain wall curtain wall carbon effect significantly, become a popular trend.
Building itself, the pursuit of high quality products, we will continue to increase the productivity of Windows and doors curtain wall industry quality requirements.Manufacturers should always think customers and market development of products, use it to produce high quality products, provide to the customer, in this way can we always walk in front of the era of modular uniform mass production, the price aspect., by contrast, capital strength is insufficient, no war, to meet the new challenges of the manufacturer will be eliminated.
Relevant data shows, many built in our construction, 97% % above is energy intensive construction.If this basis, by 2020, the national energy intensive construction area will reach 70 billion square meters.Therefore, if we don't pay attention to building energy efficiency design, will directly increase our energy crisis.At present more than 40 billion square meters of existing buildings in China, more than 90% belong to the energy intensive construction.In the high energy consumption construction, doors and Windows energy accounted for almost half.The personage inside course of study analysis, building energy conservation is the key to energy saving doors and Windows.Therefore, the use of new energy-saving Windows and doors curtain wall, both the building energy conservation, the objective requirement of the energy situation, but the walls and Windows will also become the inevitable trend of development.