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The next three years robot parts to automotive industry

7, China (guangzhou) intelligent equipment and robot fair (hereinafter referred to as "intellectual exposition") conclude smoothly in guangzhou.The exposition with "smart to change the world, wisdom will affect the global" as the theme, is divided into "robot" and "unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)" two big theme pavilion, the exhibition area of 20000 square meters.Field with the industrial robot, service robot, special robots and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) manufacturers, ZongCan will be more than 300 enterprises.Events are around 4.0, intelligent manufacture, 3 d printing topics such as communication meetings held more than 10 projects.
Data in 2014, according to the industrial robot market continues to win the world's largest industrial robot market, in the next three years, robot in electronic, metal, rubber, plastics, food and pharmaceutical industry shipments will exceed the auto industry.
Strong industrial robots in China market at the same time, guangdong robot industry development momentum.In guangzhou as an example, the 2014 guangzhou robot sales of nearly ten billion yuan, according to the guangzhou machinery research institute, dean of qing dynasty, "guangzhou strive to in the next five years, the industrial robot to breakthrough billions, for guangdong machinery and equipment industry transformation and upgrade contribution".
At the fair, AGV robot (handling) manufacturer from guangdong shunde jia teng robot automation co., LTD., the join star products "bumblebee", "bumblebee" to use the trackless navigation of inertial navigation technology to achieve the breakthrough, won the 2015 "and the guest China" contest, fits the development direction of current logistics transportation "unmanned".
4.0 "industry is the core of intelligent manufacturing, essence is intelligent factory, lean production is the foundation of intelligent manufacturing, industrial robots is the trend of the era of industrial standardization is necessary condition, industrial big data is the gold in the future."On the BBS, industrial 4.0: of what is happening in the future the author sun so definition 4.0 several key industries.Huang Xingze said: "we hope all things are connected together, through intelligent system together, the whole manufacturing industry 4.0 is a guidance and desire."
At the same time, the service robot also attract eyeball.Zhongke world robotics co., LTD with room robot, wu mei niang robot receptionists, annihilated fog machine, intelligent sweeping machine, intelligent health such as a number of service robot at the meeting.Learned, service robots are usually set face recognition and intelligent voice control functions in one, as applicable to the robot into daily life scene, makes users enjoy the most close to the daily experience of intelligence.