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Sheet metal processing products of various connection methods

With the development and production equipment constantly updated, the vast majority of the forming process was done on the machine, manual method often live supplement processing finishing work, but in the case of single production, or some more complex shape parts, still need manual operation and processing.Sheet metal forming mainly is to use some simple manual processing, modeling and all kinds of tooling to complete, manual molding mainly take the following methods: bending, edge, edge, edge, arch, the correction of an edge, welding seam and so on.
But we have to share with you today is sheet metal processing parts join method: sheet metal connecting, held by welding, riveting, adhesive, thread connection, connection methods used by our company: welding, thread connection in riveting.
1. The welding, butt welding is a local or whole heating or make the weldment produces plastic deformation, or heat and plastic deformation at the same time, realize the permanent connection technique, can be divided into: manual electric arc welding, gas shielded arc welding, laser welding, welding and resistance welding, we held on gas shielded welding contact welding.# d!I5 M, d/x# K8 _3 E, t
1.1 gas shielded arc welding, when making gas shielded arc welding, the electrode arc zone and weld molten pool is under the protection of the protecting gas, the plum rains argon gas protection weld surface oxide and inclusions.Can be in any space position welding, welding can be observed with the naked eye in the forming process and adjust production with high efficiency.
1.2 contact welding welding transient heating connection or not under the melting state of seat ah melting state by welding pressure formation of the welded joint welding method, it can be divided into the butt welding, spot welding and seam welding.8 x $?F (} (G - O/n6! A q7 |
2. Easy to install, easy to remove the LAN thread connection thread connection, the advantages of simple operation, used in the steel structure of detachable connection, it can be divided into the screw connection bolt connection.
3. Is the metal structure with rivet riveting riveting parts or assembly connection son together, the method of rivet sort is more, we often use the round head rivet have closed form core pulling rivets, closed form countersunk head core pulling rivets and open mouth round head core pulling rivets, open rack countersunk head core pulling rivets.
4. Bonding with bonding agent will be required to connect it by bonding together of a connection method