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Mould manufacturing mainly rely on import in our country

Mould manufacturing is an important part of modern manufacturing technology, and is an important craft equipment of industrial production and daily livings.Mould manufacturing in China is mainly dependent on imports, imports accounted for 20% of the market every year, the world's largest mould importer.
As China's manufacturing era, modern mold manufacturing technology is moving in to speed up the information drive, improve manufacturing flexible, agile manufacturing and the direction of systematic integration.And the increasing competition in industry, large-scale mold production enterprise mergers and acquisitions between integration and capital operation has become increasingly frequent, more and more mold enterprises felt the necessity of the transformation and upgrading.Mould marketing relies mainly on the offline mode in the past, the region and the price is not transparent, and other factors, its development speed is slow, hard going.

More and more mold enterprises realize that win through e-commerce sales growth is a necessary measure.Even if all the products can not be moved to online sales, arrange the appropriate category in the online sales also can bring obvious increase in sales, use of e-commerce platform to do promotion, website construction, get more purchasing information, online trading is mold enterprise electronic commerce application.With the economic globalization, China's mold manufacturing industry urgently break through the existing business model, to promote transformation and upgrading, develop online channels, ride electric business express, grasp the new development opportunity.