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Mechanical equipment: grasping the main line of the intelligent manufacturing high-end equipment

Derived high-end equipment manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of investment opportunities.Manufacturing industry in China is facing the developed countries "high-end manufacturing backflow" + "mid-range shunt" emerging developing countries squeezed, growth is slowing, traditional equipment demand downturn, machinery industry overall poor performance."Made in China 2025" is intended to promote transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing to high-end, intelligent, and solve the excess current low-end high-end shortage of contradictions, in the process of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, high-end equipment is expected to enjoy the dividend policy for the medium and long term.
Long-term intelligent manufacturing sector.Demographic dividend disappear, our country mainly labor-intensive low-end manufacturing upgrading demand urgently, and national guidelines "made in China 2025", "equipment manufacturing industry much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning" and a series of national strategy, will be intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, promote the reform of the supply side.Economy of endogenous displacement under + policy vigorously pushed under, and intelligent manufacturing is manufacturing industry in our country has not 10 years to exhibition, long-term exhibition trend is clear.We watch the supporting role in the intelligent manufacturing industrial robot, service robot, 3 d printing, 3 c and other high-end equipment automation sector.Recommend robot, ace, and double loop drive, star science and technology, homelite elevator, ZhiYun shares, shares the south wind.
Bullish on nuclear power sector has the monopoly advantage in auxiliary equipment companies.Strength to restart nuclear power construction, in five years "golden", the future will bring every year 60 billion yuan investment in equipment.Years is expected to start the construction of 8 units, more than 11-14 years new construction unit number sum, nuclear power auxiliary device class orders will be released for about a year after starting concentration.Nuclear power at sea, "hualong" number one is expected to be settled in the UK, open space to grow up in overseas markets.We think 16 years in nuclear power equipment company performance high growth logic will gradually get demonstration.Recommend avatar, jiangsu nuclear power in the Taiwan straits.
Risk tip: manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of the slow progress, macro economic downturn led to machinery and equipment demand weakness, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" nuclear power installed capacity.