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Advantages and disadvantages of sheet metal fabrication

Houdry 2022-09-27 10:29:34

Sheet metal fabrication is to plastically deform some metal sheets by hand or die stamping to form the desired shape and size, and can further form more complex parts by welding or a small amount of machining, such as letter boxes commonly used in residential areas, Control room console, computer room, etc.
Generally, the three most important steps in sheet metal fabrication are shearing, punching/cutting, and folding.
1.The first step is the blanking (also called blanking) process. Usually, the on-site workers will cut the parts and materials of the appropriate size from the large plates through the shearing machine according to the unfolded drawings provided by the technical department. In the case of a punch, the dead zone of the clamp must be considered. After the material is cut, the worker will mark the material number with a marker on the surface of each material.
2.Then the material will be sent to the CNC punching/cutting machine for punching/cutting process. In this process, it is necessary to compile NC (Numerical Control) codes for the parts to be processed. Factors to be considered by stamping/cutting programming engineers are sheet utilization, tooling, efficiency, accuracy, and more. After punching/cutting is complete, the part is de-microconnected and sent to a press brake for bending.
3.In the bending process, the main considerations are tool selection, bending sequence, bending compensation, bending interference, etc. Usually there is also a random sales of bending programming software, but most of the CNC bending machines in China are still programmed manually, and they often rely too much on the experience of the master, so the efficiency has not improved, and the performance of the CNC bending machine has not been brought into full play. to.
4.Finally, according to the product conditions, it may be necessary to carry out welding, grinding, painting, assembly, packaging and other processes.