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The steps of sheet metal shell processing

Angelina Dong original 2015-11-09 14:17:19
Sheet metal shell of species diversity, from material Sheet metal processing Is divided into cold rolled steel sheet, stainless steel plate, cold rolled steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum and so on.Operations from the workpiece needs to have clear rules, depending on the graph and batch choose different way of blanking, sheet metal processing way of laser, CNC punch, cutting board, mould, in this paper, the main steps for the sheet metal processing, mainly divided into the following:
1, choice of blanking, after finish, through to the next working procedure, the stainless steel machining according to different requirements into the corresponding operation;
  2, bending to the first according to the dimensions shown on the drawings, the thickness of the stainless steel material to determine the bending with knives and knife trough, avoid products with cutting tool collision caused deformation is the key to the selection mode (in the same products, may use different models of upper die), and the selection of lower die according to the thickness of the plate;
  3, pressure riveting, want to consider the height of the stud to choose same different mould, and then to adjust the pressure of the press, in order to make sure the stud and the workpiece surface level to avoid stud not pressed firmly or pressure more than the workpiece surface, cause the workpiece scrapped.Welding with argon arc welding, spot welding, co2 protection welding, manual electric arc welding, spot welding, first of all, want to consider the position of the workpiece welding, consider doing positioning jig when stainless steel sheet metal production guarantee the accuracy of the spot welding position.
  Four, in order to welding is firm, and in the welding of the workpiece on convex point, can make the bumps in front of the electric welding with plate uniform contact, to ensure the consistent of each point to heat, welding position can be determined at the same time, also, for welding, to adjusted the preloading time, the holding time, maintaining time and rest time, ensure the workpiece can spot welding is firm;
  5, stainless steel sheet metal workpiece in bending, pressure riveting process after the complete surface treatment, such as different treatment on the surface of the plate, cold plate processing after general surface electroplating, plating after spraying processing, USES is phosphating treatment, after the phosphating coating processing.Plate surface cleaning, degreasing, then spraying;
  After 6, stainless steel sheet metal surface pretreatment, into the spraying process, the workpiece for assembly after spraying, teeth or part of a conductive hole processing need protection, teeth can check into the soft glue stick or screw in screw, with a high temperature adhesive tape to be conductive to protect paste, do positioning jig bulk to locate the protection, so that when spraying not spray into the workpiece, the workpiece surface can be seen with the screw on the nut (flange) hole protection, so as to avoid after spraying the workpiece nut (flange) hole takes back teeth.
  7, after spraying into the assembly process, assembly, stainless steel spraying in the protection of the original sticker to tore to, determining the internal thread hole were not into the paint or powder, in the whole process, to put on the gloves, avoid dust attached to the workpiece, blowing clean some of the artifacts.After assembled into the package, the workpiece after checking in the packing bag of special protection, no special packaging artifacts packed in bubble wrap, etc, will bubble wrap before packaging can cut into packaging of artifacts, in order to avoid cutting while packing, affect the processing speed;Big batch of stainless steel can be customized special carton or bubble bag, rubber gasket, pallets, wooden boxes, etc.After packaged into the carton, then put in carton finished or semi-finished products corresponding labels.
The quality of the stainless steel sheet metal processing parts in addition to the strict requirements in production process, is independent of the production of quality inspection, it is strictly according to the drawing size, 2 it is strictly controlled appearance quality.This can be found in the process of stainless steel sheet metal processing error expansion plan, process of bad habits, and errors in the process.