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The structure of the metal cabinet and chasis

Angelina Dong original 2015-11-10 14:43:18
Hello everyone, Glad to introduce some knowledge of the metal cabinet structure.
1. Internal tray space can be adjusted freely according to customer's requirement

2. High density mesh front door and high density net hole back door, at the same time solve the aspects of equipment protection, ventilation and cooling requirements
3. Profiles welded frame, the structure is stable

4. The top four fan design, walked up and down the line channel can be closed
5. Sheet metal chassis cabinets are equipped with universal high heavy-duty casters, high bearing reinforced bolts
Article 6. The connection plate, installation after plating, zinc processing, has a good grounding performance

7. Sheet metal chassis cabinets with quick opening side door, convenient installation and maintenance
8. The complete optional accessories