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Introduction of chassis cabinets and classification

Angelina Dong original 2015-11-06 10:59:37
Chassis cabinets In general, to a greater extent, to insure the safe operation of the equipments, like ark of server to protect the network server and so on.Chassis cabinets in design, good manufacturer will get the highest will rack molding process.

As far as possible to the quality of the company to achieve industry standardization, and normalization.
Chassis cabinets can be installed in the internal, which is used to protect the components and mechanical parts of all kinds of electronic equipment.To complex bad external environment with separation equipment, reduce the interference.

Chassis cabinets Modelling beautiful generous, according to the material and technology of the bearing component is different, the market will not the types of chassis cabinets to profile structure cabinets, bar rack cabinets and so on.