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what are the consideration of grinder maintenance

Yummy Yao 2015-09-21 16:26:21
A machine to factory installed in place when:
Factory covers an area of ??floor loading capacity and machine runtime, such as ground bearing enough, it will affect the accuracy of the machine running the benchmark lost;
Grinder hydraulic oil and lubricating oil choice, but must adopt new oil, used oil impurities inside, easy to plug the tubing smoothness, affecting the machine speed and rail wear, causing the machine to crawl, precision lost. Hydraulic oil briefly use 32 # or 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil, lubricating oil use 46 # rail rail oil, pay attention to the type grinder, prepare enough fuel;
Match electricity power lines, such as wire and hot wire will happen too small, overloaded, causing electrical short circuit tripped, affecting electricity production plant;
When unloading machine tools in place, we must ensure adequate unloading equipment capacity, enough aisle space to move the machine, will not cause a collision and personnel safety of the machine.
Second, the machine is ready for processing:
Grinding machines in place is complete, check tubing, wires, water pipes the connectors are tight;
Grinder transmission parts when power on, please use manual test, to ensure that the various components of the drive is turned on;
Please note that the grinding spindle turning, such as reverse operation is likely to cause loose wheel flange affect the accuracy of the spindle;
Wheel and processing materials match, the wheel just machining of a knife, in different materials different from grinding wheel to be replaced;
Balance wheel, and now many companies do not understand the balance wheel, long-term use can exacerbate damage to the spindle; cause the grinding effect.
Third, when the grinding machine:
1. Check whether the workpiece or clamping firm adsorption from the grinding wheel and the workpiece;
2, and the processing speed of the transmission parts when feeding observation, to prevent accidental discovery;
3, the workpiece upside down or shift after grinding, the workpiece to the suction surface of the disk clean up, but stringent gun using compressed air cleaning, compressed air gun is easy to dust or mist blown into the machine rail, causing rail wear;
4, suction magnetic disk boot sequence, hydraulic, wheel, open stop valves, pumps, shutdown sequence is open stop valve, pumps, hydraulic, spindle, disk demagnetization.
Fourth, the machine routine maintenance:
1, before work on the bench grinder and the surrounding garbage sorting, grinding machine around to see if there was observed leaking oil spills;
2, weekly rail grinder lubrication point view, as much too small signs can be adjusted to make adjustments according to the oil, remove the wheel flange on the spindle nose surface, an inner flange conical surface rust treatment done to prevent time too Long spindle and flange rust;
3, every 15-20 days on the grinder cooling water tank to clean and replace every 3-6 months Machine Tool lubricants, clean and replace the rail lubricating oil sump pump filter, replace the hydraulic oil every year, to the fuel tank and filter cleaning;
4, grinder idle time or not more than 2-3 days, should be wiped clean work surface on anti-rust oil to prevent rusting countertops.