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Intelligent express ark host performance influence factors and solutions

Angelina Dong original 2015-09-22 10:51:40

In recent years, with the rapid development of e-commerce, the logistics of delivery at the end of "the last kilometer" delivery problems gradually become the bottleneck of express and electricity industry development.As one part of the Internet of things, intelligent express ark for the express industry is undoubtedly a subversive nature of the product.Smart will be temporarily stored in express Courier express ark inside, and will deliver information via SMS sending users, provides for the user24Hours self-service pick-up service.To some extent, which this service is regarded as express "the last kilometer" problem is an effective solution.On the technical characteristics of it, intelligent express tank can effectively solve the express industry's "people such as" problem, bring a breakthrough for the development of the express industry.

Needless to say,Intelligent express arkMarket space is very large.But, at present, the development of the intelligent express ark at home or in the initial stage, the model for development, product quality standards, and so on are still in the stage of exploration.Among them, the intelligent express ark product quality plays a decisive role to the user experience, especially the intelligent express ark, the core of the host.The key factors influencing the performances of intelligent express ark host what?

First, the temperature.In most cases, the intelligent express ark is placed in the outdoor, so its working environment is basically a- 20- 45℃, between its internal host (especially the mainboard) must meet to the requirement of working temperature- 20- 70.℃, and it is7x24Hours of uninterrupted under such temperature.This kind of performance for most commercial motherboard some harsh, intelligent express ark motherboard choice on industrial motherboard.

Second,I/OInterface.Intelligent express ark needI/OFunction is more, to control the cupboard door open, video monitoring, text messaging, coin recognition to accept, advertising, password keyboard, voice prompt, card reader, etc., to support voice, video,WIFI3G, and other functions.At the same time suchIOMouth is required high protection, such as static, lightning, etc., in order to meet outdoor work natural environment.

Third, stability.In order to facilitate users to access, intelligent express ark is basically7x24hContinuous work.And, in the work, intelligent express ark frequent broken network, such as crashing failure can greatly reduce the user to the acceptance of intelligent express ark, affect the use and the user experience.Therefore, intelligent express ark the stability of the host is intelligent express cabinet research and development the important factor in the process of production.

Fourth, the performance.As information industry new product forms, standing on the shoulders of highly integrated electronic, smooth the user experience is based.And as multiple information integration, interaction with the customer entrance, certainly will require high performance processing capabilities and real-time response.A new generation ofX86 socJust can satisfy the processor, not only in the concatenated type fine focus on ability, and there are no less high frequencyARMThe light of parallel processing ability.

Fifth, the system platform.Some manufacturers on the market at present is to useARMPlate, butARMThere are two problems with plate limit extend the function of intelligent express ark: (1) does not support the2Generation id card recognition software;(2) does not support the function of screen.whilex86Industrial motherboard can well solve the two problems.

In view of the above factors, ping looks at science and technology research and development of the intelligent express ark hostCTN-GD0310GASolution, can effectively solve the above factors, improve the performance of intelligent express ark host security intelligent express ark host stability, practicality and versatility.Flat at the science and technology of intelligent express ark host configuration parameters are as follows:

1) support the onboard2GB/4GBThe onboard memory;

2) support2A standardSATA 7PIN Interface and support the onboard32G EMMC

3) supportLVDS/EDPandHDMIDigital display, and supportVGADisplay;

4) built-inHDA ALC662Audio solutions, supportLINE IN/LINE OUT/MIC INAnd built-in dual channel6WAmplifiers, optional built-in speakers;

5) support6aCOMInterface,COM1/2/3/4supportRS232/RS485COM5/6Support with isolationRS232/RS45And have high protective function;

6) support4aUSB2.01aUSB3.0andPS2And aPCIEX4Gold finger extension;

72aIntel I211I210Gigabit Ethernet interface, supportS4S5Wake on LAN;So have the differential mode2KVThe common mode4KVLightning protection function.

8) provide a flat look unique invention patent of "smart" technology, and repair of all terminal operating system for remote management.Greatly save maintenance cost.

The host performance intelligent express cabinet solution after the customer a lot of tests, and to adopt in the process of intelligent express tank production.Flat look smart Courier ark host with excellent and stable performance and high cost performance, customers receive the recognition and trust, including intelligent express ark industry well-known enterprises.