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The five considerations of choosing network cabinets

Angelina Dong original 2015-09-23 14:40:02
Network cabinets Compatibility is a very headache problem, user data room equipment from different manufacturers, the same manufacturer of different models, these devices are not formed a unified specification, the network cabinet has the compatibility of the equipment.As the data center construction development in the direction of the overall availability, rooms demand for network cabinet management is growing.Predictably, comprehensive can meet the demand of data center, and with the future extensibility cabinet solution, will be able to better solve the problem of user, userITManagement level in the system, users in the cabinet when the choose and buy the following factors should be considered:

   1Guarantee, bearing, with the increase of network cabinet placed within the product density, good bearing capacity, is the basic requirements for a qualified network cabinet product.Because do not conform to the specifications of the network cabinets, network cabinets quality is poor, cannot effectively protected network devices within the rack, the results may affect the whole system.
   2And reliable quality assurance, choose a suitable server network cabinet and wiring network cabinet is very important, a slight negligence, may cause great damage.Either the product of a brand, the quality is all users must first consider the link.
   3, anti-interference, and other function of a complete network cabinets should provide all kinds of locks, and other functions, such as dustproof, waterproof, or electronic shielding and high interference resistance;Suitable for accessories and installation accessories support should be provided at the same time, in order to let more convenient wiring, and easy to manage, save time and effort.
   4, temperature control system, network cabinet inside have good temperature control system, can avoid network inside the cabinet product hot or too cold, to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment.Network cabinets can choose all ventilation series, can be equipped with a fan(Fan has a lifetime guarantee), can be installed in a hot environment independent air conditioning system, independent heating insulation system can be installed in a cold environment.
   5, after-sales service, effective service provided by the enterprise, and provided the comprehensive equipment protection scheme, can bring great convenience for the user's installation and maintenance.