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How to distinguish the stand or fall of sheet metal processing

Angelina Dong original 2015-11-02 13:09:25
How to judge whether a cabinet Sheet metal processing. Good or bad, we basically see four aspects: the spray paint, steel, glass and accessories.

  To look at the cabinet cabinet paint on the surface of sheet metal processing, all steel need painting, but also to spray evenly, so as to achieve good rust and dust.
Profile steel cabinets, is to use the profile steel and steel plate bending combination welding or steel profiles, aluminum alloy casting and assembly of structure form, can satisfy general ship with conditions, but as a result of steel profile deformation problems, plusCabinet when welding deformation is big, cannot eliminate involved in stress and its accuracy is poor.
See the thickness of the steel plate, as long as the fingers knocking at once know the thickness of the steel plate, and cabinet internal stent is coarse point of good, because sometimes it contained the heavy equipment, if too thin can't bear the weight of the equipment.
Now the cabinet raw materials use most is the cold rolled steel sheet.Cold rolled steel sheet is a do not produce oxidation reaction at room temperature, so the surface of good quality and size precision is high, coupled with the annealing treatment mechanical propertiesCan is better than the hot rolled steel sheet and process performance.
Watch glass, glass also want thicker, paying special attention to the glass surrounding have crack, if any suggestion or don't want to, it remains to be seen whether the glass.
It's also important to the inside of the cabinet fittings, if cabinet with cable management module for rail installation of cable can be directly fixed on the vertical, the better.In either case, the inside of the cabinet on the wall and side wall should beThere are plenty of retaining ring (to protect the cable), also can through the cabinet bottom up, in order to go under the line.Some used to fixed frame of the screw, nut, etc, will be enough.So that you can avoid extension and fittings of the trouble in the future.
Cast aluminum cabinet, which is made from aluminum and fragmentation of casting and become, it has good compressive, torsional stiffness of earthquake resistant and impact resistant and heat dissipation performance, in addition, the cabinet surface processing quality is good, beautiful appearance, have high dimensional accuracyThe advantage of.But in weight than other types of cabinets slightly heavier, and high manufacture cost, long production cycle.So now the most commonly used Sheet metal processing. Is cold rolled steel sheet, this material rack.