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What should pay more attention in sheet metal processing design

Angelina Dong original 2015-10-30 08:59:41
Drawing process of sheet metal processing needed, which included several standard drawings painting steps, such as the plan approval, parts development and dimension and so on, but too process or style will be a waste of time, here introduce number chassis factory focus on drawing a few key points that should pay attention to the design process.
The houdry company think  that the respect is designed in sheet metal processing need to be aware of too many, not only pay attention to the surface, also combined with the actual operation and application were summarized

First, in terms of choice of clearance to do calculation precision, different batch of measurement standard is different, in actual use should pay attention to on the calculation method, and the actual design and installation process, there are more or less error in calculation, must be considered reasonable tolerance, to avoid error,Focus qing county chassis factoryOften used on the size of the measured how to set aside a certain gap and the length of the method.
Secondly, on the purpose is to make design picture is concise and clear, so Houdry Sheet metal processing Reasonable Suggestions to reduce the difficulty of the painting and some parameters, and to avoid complex and unnecessary process.