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The characteristics of the server rack

Angelina Dong original 2015-10-27 10:54:15
Now the network server cabinets, network server cabinet are widely used in room, it is mainly used in the data center, banking, securities and other rooms.They used in these special environment, should they have some characteristics? Our staff will give you a brief introduce.
1, the server rack with European and American design style, excellent quality, professional build.

2, high density of mesh, mesh back door, front door, mesh plate, mesh roof, resolve mechanical protection;

3, ventilation cooling, external observation of running state requirements;

4, can be arbitrary switch to adjust the upper and lower in linear channel;

5, can choose to install any power distribution unit;

6, optional installation base, the base, bottom round fixed rack;

7, optional bottom, top, air distribution, ventilation, heat dissipation,

8, improve equipment reliability.

9, the server rack is assembled type structure, the overall bearing 500 kg, front and back side are removable, easier maintenance, server machine cabinets by four adjustable bearing vertical solves all kinds of equipment installation problem because of the difference in size and, in accordance with industry standard 19 inch.
The above is the networkServer rackThe characteristics of more case knowledge, www.lehuajx.com, focus qing county chassis factory welcome you the presence.