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The automation trend of the sheet metal processing

Angelina Dong original 2015-10-23 14:07:22
Sheet metal processingHas always been a important part of metal manufacturing industry.With the rapid development of economy in our country in recent years, sheet metal processing industry is booming in China, but compared with foreign advanced sheet metal processing mode, because of the sheet metal processing in China starts late so there are some technical defects.Sheet metal processing and automation will be the main trend of sheet metal processing mode in the future.
Due to the sheet metal manufacturing involves all aspects of manufacturing, is a lot of wide range, so different enterprises take between sheet metal processing mode are different, but with foreign high automation and information technology of sheet metal processing mode, compared our sheet metal processing mode and the technology is still very poor. 
According to a preliminary understanding, at present the sheet metal processing mode of western developed countries mainly adopt the closed loop control of automatic production, the automatic production technology is more facilitate the maintenance of the whole production line operation, and greatly improves the safety and reliability of the whole production lines, advanced information management technology is to strengthen the management of the sheet metal processing and manufacturing.At present, many developed countries such as the United States including Asia Japan is in the process of sheet metal processing the pattern. 
With the improvement of China's opening to the outside world degree, sheet metal processing industry is bound to comply with the developing trend in the international market, all processing technology transformation, and the automatic production mode has been validation by western developed countries for the machining of the scientific and reliable mode, therefore, automated production will be the future of our country the main mode of sheet metal processing. 
Scientific advances, changed the human mode of production, the mode of thinking of the original understanding, information and manufacturing highly attention, make sheet metal processing industry has also been the development of the leap.Shenzhen industry, performance industry as the leader of sheet metal processing, is becoming more and more attention.In recent years, hardware manufacturing industry of our country grows vigorously, sheet metal processing and also gain obtained the unprecedented development opportunity.To promote the further development of sheet metal processing industry in China, with the international market, the introduction of foreign advanced production technology is the inevitable road.