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Control of sheet metal processing technology to improve the quality

Yummy Yao 2015-09-09 14:45:22
As a sheet metal worker skills, the sheet metal processing is the need to master the skills of ties, an important step is forming sheet metal products. It contains the parameters of the traditional approach and skill cut cutting, punching, bending pressure forming, etc., but also contains a variety of cold stamping die layout and skill parameters of various equipment operating principles and operational methods, but also includes new skills and punching new skills.

Parts called sheet metal processing sheet metal processing. Sheet metal processing parts from the top to reflect the primary characteristics of three categories.

1, the flat class refers generally flat blanking piece, such parts are produced in accordance with a variety of punching processing equipment made with good quality, good performance, high production efficiency.

2, winding parts, by a tortuous or meandering machining molded parts constructed. Such parts with sensitive and varied, strong commodity hardness, widely used in a variety of appropriate convergence components, and various demand detailed shape of demand processing equipment.

3, forming class parts are processed by stretching the rules and other measures forming surfaces free Perhaps tired of surface parts, these parts are using the flat blank by stamping and cutting skills to produce processed, they are usually parts processing It has a substantial difference in the way the sheet metal processing, stamping deformation is deformed tortuous primary processing of sheet metal parts to make way cluttered space orientation contact occurs. The projections or other processing approaches typically sag and gap, holes and marginal and other shapes only happen on the plate.