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equipment maintenance in sheet metal fabrication

Yummy Yao 2015-09-08 13:54:39
CNC equipment maintenance
Maintenance of content and demand
A group of former
?? 1 Check out the machine exposed to rail as well as the sliding surface.
?? 2. Run the basis of the provisions of each place, oily fuel comply with the demand.
?? 3 test each handle place.
?? 4 empty commissioning
After the second class
?? A complete clean-up of debris clean
?? 2. Wipe each part of the machine
?? 3. member homing
?? 4. Serious fill shift and other records
?? 1. clean up its appearance as well as the dead, each cover removed to clean, no need to clean the inside and outside dirt, rust and iron does not exist no yellow robe
Cleanup arrive outside clean inside.
?? 2. Clean rail as well as workstations, no injury research and oil.
?? 3. Clean the magazine, each bracket waste oil does not exist
Three lubrication
?? Check the lubrication system is not normal, high quality to meet the requirements, the tube is not smooth, the pressure is not without exception, their sensitive and reliable.
Four Annex
?? Safe guard its attachment to clean up the oil and place flat.