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What is a "sheet metal parts"?

Angelina Dong original 2015-09-09 15:43:02
In simple terms, is the metal material by knocking, bending, cutting, welding and other processing method processing of parts.

(1) is one of the types of vehicle maintenance and repair processing method, also called cold.
Say directly point, if the body appearance damage deformation, sheet metal this working procedure is required to complete recovery.
Basically use the tool is a hammer.Different shapes of hammer, behind the coin a mat iron, knock it over and over again, make it to shape.
When necessary to use appearance of prosthesis.This thing really belongs to welding.The hoop weld on car body, use the hook to pull.The hollow parts used to repair.
Large flat body back to have a very hard commonly, so sometimes also used fire.Is the local cooling after heating, shrink of the tin.
The ultimate goal is to make the damaged body restores former appearance.
2. Sheet metal: coin, that is, plate, sheet, series is carried out on the thin sheet metal processing, folding, cutting, punching, welding, riveting, etc
3. This is a design module, mainly for the use of metal materials in the east. He is not the same as the entity, the thickness of the entities have change, but made of sheet metal are basically the same thickness, in life there are many use of sheet metal products