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the categories suit for CO2 laser cutting

Yummy Yao 2015-09-10 13:59:06
First: decoration, advertising, service industries with the stainless steel (general thickness 3mm) or non-metallic material (usually thickness 20mm) pattern, mark, fonts and so on. Photo album patterns such as art, companies, institutions, hotels, shopping malls mark, railway stations, docks, public places in English and Chinese fonts.
Second: from technical and economic point of view should not be to create metal molds sheet metal parts, particularly complex contour shape, volume, the general thickness; 12mm mild steel; 6mm thick stainless steel; in order to save costs and cycle manufacturing mold. Typical products used are: escalator structure, elevators panels, machine tools and food machinery housings, electrical cabinets, switchgear, textile machinery parts, engineering machinery structure, large motor silicon steel sheet and the like.
Third: the requirements of uniform slits special parts. Typical parts most widely used is the die used in packaging and printing industry, which requires the 20mm thick wooden template cut out slit width of 0.7 ~ 0.8mm slot, then insert the blade in the slot. Fashion on the use of die-cut good variety of printed graphics box. China in recent years a new field of application is the oil sieve slit tube. In order to block the sediment into the pump, the wall thickness of 6 ~ 9mm steel pipe cut 0.3mm wide uniform every cut, cut from the perforation holes diameter not 0.3mm, cutting technical difficulties, there are many units put into production.