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What are the Factors Affecting the Development of Sheet Metal Fabrication industry?

Houdry 2022-11-29 17:01:44

Sheet metal fabrication is very familiar to most people. From the prospect of China sheet metal fabrication industry, its development prospects are very optimistic, and there is more room for development in the future. Although the demand for sheet metal fabrication is increasing and the industry is developing rapidly, there are still many problems that will affect the development of the sheet metal processing industry. So what needs to be improved?
1. Sheet metal processing skills need to be improved
Many Chinese sheet metal fabrication technicians have not undergone systematic training and have not formed a very professional professional standard. They are only in simple machine operation training. Skill improvement requires a combination of theory and practice, not just a single theory or practice. At present, China also attaches great importance to the students of vocational technical schools in this area, combining theoretical knowledge and strengthening practical experience to train more skilled technicians for the sheet metal processing industry.
2. Talent shortage
Generally speaking, in the nearly 20 years since its inception, the sheet metal fabrication industry has always followed the method of learning from master to apprentice and learning by doing. Many people change jobs halfway through the apprenticeship process and cannot persist. For sheet metal fabrication factoy, training talents also requires costs. If they give up halfway, it will have certain losses for the company. Many companies will choose to recruit experienced technicians. , but for enterprises, there is still a shortage of talents.
3. Outdated machinery and equipment
There are many, many sheet metal fabrication manufacturers in China, some of which are very large, and there are also many small workshops in the production mode. Generally, there are only one or two punching machines and one bending machine. If the conditions are better have a laser Cutting Machine. The machines of these small enterprises are all outdated, with many functions and production efficiency that cannot keep up with advanced processing equipment, which greatly affects the competitiveness of enterprises. If you want to develop strong in the industry, first of all, the factory needs to have its own production capacity in order to match high-quality buyers.
4. Single sales channel
The traditional sheet metal fabrication industry has developed in China for decades, but with the advancement of society and technology, new processing techniques and large-scale advanced equipment are constantly being introduced from abroad, and many traditional sheet metal fabrication manufacturers are facing problems It is the shortage of senior technical personnel, the supporting processing equipment is backward and imperfect, the sales channel is single, and the thinking is conservative and not innovative. This has caused many sheet metal fabrication companies to go to the bottleneck or face the risk of bankruptcy.
From the perspective of market demand, sheet metal fabrication enterprises not only need to invest in more sophisticated production equipment and establish a comprehensive quality concept, but also need to continuously improve and improve processing technology to meet the future market with a small amount of variety and fast response speed , Short delivery time and strict requirements of high quality to meet the needs of the majority of users, meet the development of my country's economy, and meet the needs of all aspects of the market. These are also what our company needs to improve constantly, in order to provide customers with better products and services.