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Sheet Metal Fabrication Factory Talks about the Main Uses of Sheet Metal

Houdry 2022-08-25 14:41:24

There are many sheet metal materials suitable for stamping on the market, so today the sheet metal fabrication factory will show you the main uses of sheet metal.
1. Ordinary cold-rolled sheet SPCC refers to the continuous rolling of steel ingots into coils and coils of required thickness through a cold rolling mill. There is no protection on the surface of SPCC, and it is easy to be oxidized when exposed to the air, especially in a humid environment, the oxidation speed is accelerated, and dark red rust appears, and the surface is sprayed, electroplated or otherwise protected when used.
2. The base material of galvanized steel sheet SECCSECC is general cold-rolled steel coil, and the continuous galvanizing production line becomes galvanized product after degreasing, pickling, electroplating and various post-treatment processes. SECC not only has the mechanical properties and approximate workability of ordinary cold-rolled steel sheets, but also has excellent corrosion resistance and decorative appearance. The electronics, home appliances, and furniture markets are highly competitive and substitutable. For example, computer casings commonly use SECC.
3. Hot-dip galvanized steel sheet SGC hot-dip galvanized steel coil refers to the semi-finished product after hot-rolled pickling or cold-rolling, after cleaning, annealing, immersed in a molten zinc bath with a temperature of about 460 ° C, and galvanized on the steel plate, Conditioning and chemical treatment. SGCC material is harder than SECC material, has poor ductility (avoid deep suction design), thick zinc layer, and poor weldability by electric welding.
4. Stainless steel SUS301Cr (chromium) content is lower than SUS304, sheet metal processing manufacturers tell you, although the corrosion resistance is poor, but cold working can get good tensile force and hardness, good elasticity, mostly used for springs and anti-EMI.
5. Stainless steel SUS304 is one of the widely used stainless steels. Ni (nickel)-containing steel is more resistant to corrosion and heat than steel containing Cr (chromium). It has very good mechanical properties, no heat treatment curing phenomenon, and no elasticity.