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Houdry-the requirements for welding processing

Angelina Dong original 2015-11-16 16:26:28
Welding: definition: by welding materials of lattice atoms and molecules of Beijing distance form an organic whole.
(1) classification: a fusion welding, argon arc welding, CO2 welding and gas welding and manual welding;B pressure welding, spot welding, butt welding, welding;C brazing: chrome electric welding, copper wire.

(2) the welding way: a CO2 gas shielded welding argon arc welding b c spot welding d, such as welding robot.The selection of welding process is according to actual requirements and materials, in general the CO2 gas shielded welding is used for iron plate welding Shuo;Argon arc welding for stainless steel, aluminum welding, welding robot, can save time, improve the work efficiency and welding quality, reduce working intensity. 
(3) the welding symbol: Δ fillet welding, Д, type I welding, v-shaped welding, single side welding V (V) with a blunt edge V (V) welding, point welding (O) and plug welding or groove welding (∏), edge welding (χ), with a blunt edge unilateral v-shaped weld (V), with a blunt U welding, welding with blunt J type, backing, when welding 
(4) arrow lines and connectors 
(5) lack of welding and its preventive measurement loss;Spot welding strength is not enough to play convex points, impose welding area;CO2 welding: high productivity, less energy consumption, low cost, strong ability to resist rust;Argon arc welding: dissolve depth, dissolves slow, low efficiency, high production cost, a tungsten inclusion defects, but had many advantages, such as the welding quality is good, can be welding of nonferrous metals, such as aluminum, copper, magnesium, etc. 
6 welding deformation reasons: poor preparation before welding, fixture bad welding fixture to improve process may be increased to bad welding sequence 
7 does not understand the welding deformation effect: understand the flame effect, vibration, hammer, the artificial imitate, sheet metal processing technological process.After drawing hand, depending on the graph and batch choose different way of blanking, including laser, CNC punch, cutting board, mould, and then according to the drawings accordingly.CNC punch press because of the influence of tool aspect, for some alien artifacts and irregular hole processing, the edge will appear larger burr, late for deburring processing, has certain influence on the precision of the workpiece at the same time;Laser machining tool limitations, flat section, and is suitable for machining of abnormity, but for a small workpiece, a longer processing time.Placed beside CNC and laser workbench, conducive to sheet metal is placed on the machine for processing, reduce work load up the plate.Some can use waste material is placed in the designated place, provide material for when the bending test.After the workpiece blanking edges, burrs, contact to make the necessary modification (polishing process), the cutter contact, with a flat file for shaping, for larger burr finishing workpiece with grinding machine, small hole contact with corresponding small file modification, in order to make sure the appearance of beautiful, at the same time, the dressing of shape to bend when positioning as guarantee, to make bending when the workpiece on the bending machine position is consistent, ensuring consistent with batch size.