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Chassis cabinets processing prospects

Angelina Dong original 2015-11-13 16:24:38
Chassis cabinets processing prospects
Are integral to all walks of life. The case Casing or cabinets, chassis cabinets are widely used in communications, posts and telecommunications, electric power, railway, national defense, health care, education, security, floor control, financial securities, instruments and meters and other fields.Electronic chassis, prevent water tank, work station, TV wall, multimedia platform, these are the outward manifestation of chassis cabinets, say so, don't worry, chassis cabinets for a long time in the future, will be gradually rising sales trend.Chassis cabinets besides the external form is varied, its internal chassis cabinets accessories are same, the main assembly chassis cabinets according to the needs of different attachments.The main accessories are fixed or retractable guide rail, the locking device, hinge, go trough, go line frame and shielding comb reeds, etc.
Sheet metal chassis cabinets processing steps:
The first step, according to the case or the cabinet need to cut out the area of the plate;
The second step, the use of stamping punch edge, playing with electric drill mounting holes;
The third step, the use of plate bending rolls roll pressure forming;
The fourth step, cleaning surface;
Fifth, soaked or insulating paint spraying and drying;
Step 6, spraying or dip brush the outer surface of decorative paint and dry again.

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