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The characteristics of the new technology of sheet metal processing

Angelina Dong original 2015-09-29 12:46:44
When reviewing the new Sheet metal process: laser cutting, bending and welding/maohan, due to the high flexible, high precision laser cutting, the maturity of the 3 d design technology and popularization, the user can benefit from the new design, new process.To reduce costs, shorten time limit for a project requirements.So the new sheet metal process starts from the design: design + laser cutting, bending and welding/maohan.The following through several examples to illustrate the characteristics of the new process.
  1) under the traditional process, the workpiece is made up of several parts.Now, a cutting + bend is completed.To reduce process, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost.
  2) the traditional process, the special fixture for welding configuration.Now use similar wood tenon technology between parts, location accurate, time saving, simple welding jig, product deformation is small.To shorten the construction period, lower cost and improve the quality of purpose.
  3) multiple bending technology in the domestic housing manufacturing has more popularity.Benefit is dispensed with the traditional reinforcement.It has its unique places on design and technology.So as to achieve high quality products, the purpose of manufacturing cost is low.Under the actual process, still need to match the spot welding.
  4) using thin kerf width of laser, the characteristics of high precision, a cutting (with micro connection), with four bending, complete four artifacts.Break through the traditional process of design, to shorten the construction period, reduce the cost.
  5) due to the use of the tenon structure, after the workpiece bending with welding process, the whole process can be completed.Small workpiece deformation, spraying without plastic, polished.