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Different types of sheet metal machining process

Angelina Dong original 2015-09-28 10:50:54
Any oneSheet metalThing that needs to be processed, to different structure of sheet metal parts, the machining process is different also, combined with the conditions of my company's general according to the following process: customer orders to prepare drawings, drawing graph (nc programming)) - blanking - general rushed to bend to the pressure riveting, welding.Under the detailed below steps:
Sheet-metal part drawing design;Design and draw sheet metal part drawing, also called three view drawing, its role is to use the drawing way to express the structure of sheet metal parts.
Draw a diagram, which is a complex parts expands into a tablet.
There are many ways of blanking, cutting, basically has the following several ways.Shearing blanking, is to use the guillotine cut out the shape of the graph width size. If there are punching and cutting Angle, then punch combination punching and cutting Angle of mould.
Punch blanking, is using the punch points step or more open after the tablet on plate parts structure made form its advantages and is cost time is short, high efficiency, can reduce processing costs, often used in mass production.
NC NC blanking;NC blanking was first to write the NC machining program, using the programming software, pull map of writing into a number of NC machine tool can identify the program, make it according to the program step a knife on the plate blanking shape of the flat piece, but its structure by the cutting tool structure, low cost, precision at 0.15.
Pressure riveting, riveting for the purpose of this company, mainly has the pressure riveting nut, screw, not to take off, etc, it is done through hydraulic pressure riveting machine or punch operation, the riveting to the sheet metal parts, and rose riveting way, need to pay attention to the direction.
Bending;Bending is the 2 d flat, folded into 3 d parts.Its processing need a folding bed and the complete bending die, it also has the certain bending sequence, its principle is to not interfere with the next knife fold, can produce interference after discount.