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Mertal Cabinet management and decoration

Angelina Dong original 2015-09-30 10:56:51
Chassis cabinetsThe management of the room:
For the management of the company interior point is primarily focused on the problem of cooling refrigeration, heat sources are probably lies in the chassis cabinets or attachment to avoid wrong.Which requires extremely chassis cabinets chassis cabinets environment itself has better heat dissipation condition, we need in advance is extremely room to chassis cabinets, chassis cabinets, chassis cabinets, calculate thermal method to make a more overall understanding of the monitoring equipment, after a long and into the practice environment.Question about cooling radiator made the biggest harvest.Whenever chassis cabinets before heat dissipation problem, we can think of to increase the fan, to improve the indoor environment, etc., and now has a new method of "closed heat source".

Chassis cabinets display:
We all knowChassis cabinetsDivided into two kinds of indoor and outdoor.For indoor decoration company, the first step is we need to consider its covers an area of the machine performance, now with the development of sheet metal processing industry and the progress of technology, the volume of a chassis cabinets equipment is more and more small, so the chassis cabinets of the indoor place for its furnishings also more rank, the energy consumption of the chassis cabinets question into a points of the evaluation project.