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The characteristics of the sheet metal parts-Houdry sheet metal fabrication

Angelina Dong original 2015-10-09 10:53:29
From the present situation of the development of,Sheet metalParts already got great use, for example, in the car as well as the application of chemical and other industries, with the development of science and technology at the same time, the manufacturing level also got a long-term development and innovation, in many products, with curved surface of the sheet metal parts are the use of frequency will be higher and higher.In addition, a computer aided process planning for sheet metal can be in the normal work of strengthening all the staff work efficiency, but also can improve enterprise's competitiveness in the market.So, continued research and innovation for sheet metal parts have profound engineering value and significance.

The so-calledSheet metal partsCharacteristics, which is to describe a collection of information, it besides has a certain specific shape, as well as the expression of some engineering semantics for good, in the design and manufacturing process can be better use.Fully implemented system, such as CAD, CAM form aggregation is the key characteristic of sheet metal parts.Metal sheet itself has some characteristics can be divided into several aspects, such as precision and shape characteristics, among them, among these characteristics, it is important to shape characteristics, shape characteristics is the foundation of all features of sheet metal parts, as well as parametric feature model can be realized, we shape feature can be completely defined as an entity with engineering value.In product definition, parts shape and its architecture is the key, how to through the shape features of a product of some description, the shape and structure of feature modeling is the key in the process of, for all of the metal sheet can be divided into several kinds of different shape through certain way, we can see clearly that in terms of feature modelling, through a series of features to form a sheet metal parts, through the way to contact each other between these characteristics and forming a fairly complete parts.According to the sheet metal parts has some characteristics, our characteristics of sheet metal parts are summarized as bending features with the plane.For planar characteristics, it is the part of one of the most basic part, belong to connect a key link in the process of bending.According to bending characteristic, it is with different machining processes to form a shape, the characteristic is mainly through the bending properties, and the corresponding geometrical element, etc.