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Considerations in sheet metal processing design

Yummy Yao 2015-09-17 15:34:59
Sheetmetal picture to expand mainly by trial plans, document archives, determined frame format, parts expand, dimensioning, audit, and several other major components, which are standard sheet drawing step, in actual operation and drawing process It may be omitted in which several, because this is too course and pattern of, and more waste of time, but the advantage in the processing of sheet metal is relatively obvious.

In the design of sheet metal parts when the picture should expand the points to note:

1. Expand reasonable, try to reduce the difficulty of painting and show the parameters, so that the whole picture to be clear and concise design, while also reducing unnecessary processes and ease of processing, considering the actual process to a reasonable arrangement processing operations.

2. reasonable choice gap and edging mode

?Gap and some side to mark the exact method of calculation, but be aware that different plates have different measurement standards, do not apply to the calculation method to calculate the long side of the sheet being different.

3. Must be considered a reasonable tolerance

In the actual design and installation process, more or less there will be some errors, these are unavoidable normal circumstances, the tolerance can be calculated generally know the use of up to the size, and leave some space or length It is that we often use to avoid the error method.

4. pumping teeth, riveted, louver, tearing position and direction must be clear, to draw cross-sectional view.

5. For the FIG surface pores with different pore sizes in order to distinguish FIG surface should be individually identified by the letter do, different apertures with different letters.