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Sheet metal processing materials and processing methods

Angelina Dong original 2015-09-17 13:37:30
1.A sheet metal materials
Commonly used materials are: manufacture (SPCC), electrolytic plate SECC, ordinary aluminum and aluminum alloy plate AL3003 - H14, AL5052 - H32, stainless steel plate, decorative pattern plate SGEC. The recent development of new materials: aluminium zinc steel plate.

2. Sheet metal processing method
1. The blanking method Blanking is thick material according to the need to cut into the bad material, sheet metal blanking method many. According to the type and working principle of machine tool can be divided into cutting, milling, punching, oxygen cutting and LASER cutting. We mainly use shearing, cutting and LASER cutting (LASER)
1.1 shear mainly use sheet metal shears clipping straight edges, guarantees of shear on the surface of the straight line degree and parallel degree. Sheet and try to reduce distortion.
1.2 under the cutting material The main use of CNC punch press or ordinary blanking punching and blanking die.
1.3 laser cutting use for continuous cutting of sheet metal laser cutting equipment, its characteristic is high efficiency and high precision.
2. Manual forming
With the continuous development of production technology progress, the vast majority of the forming process was done on the machine. Manual methods tend to supplement the processing or finishing work. But in the case of single production, or some more complex shape parts, still need manual operation and processing. Mainly is to use some simple manual forming type, modeling, and a variety of tooling. Manual molding mainly take the following methods: bending, edge, edge, edge, arch, crimping, seam correction.
3. Die forming
Workers die forming is the use of punch press, such as folding bed machine and all kinds of moulds for sheet metal forming. Can be divided into: local forming and bending, drawing, flanging, shrink mouth, neck, flaring and bulging, forming, bending forming, spinning, drawing and leveling. We mainly adopt bending (bending), leveling and forming process.
Bending (bending) is one of the main methods of sheet metal processing.