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Metal processing safety knowledge

Angelina Dong original 2015-09-16 12:51:40

Metal cutting processing work place the reasonable layout of the main aspects should be considered?

First consider the machine arrangement should keep not to hurt the parts or chip.Second consider machine tool position orientation should be conducive to lighting, and the operator under direct sunlight, lest produce dazzling.Third consideration between machine tools, machine tools and shall have the appropriate distance between the walls, to ensure the safe operation of the workers and walking.Fourth considered finished products, semi-finished products and chip stack should be convenient lifting and clean, not interfere with the operator and machine work, close to finished products, semi-finished products piled up should be neat, shoulds not be too high.Considering channel should be the guarantor and the vehicle in workshop walk 5 free of traffic.

Metal cutting place the working environment is to point to?

Metal cutting sites of the working environment is refers to the job site of lighting, temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, machine layout and health conditions, etc.

The shape of the metal processing chip and what factors?

The shape of the metal processing chip and workpiece material, cutting tool geometry, cutting dosage and lubrication conditions and other factors.

What kind of metal processing chip common shapes are there?

The most common type of chip shape have banded crumbs, o-type crumbs, avalanche, spiral coil crumbs, long tight rolls crumbs, sends strip coil crumbs, pagoda chip volume, etc.