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Sheet metal structure design

Angelina Dong 2015-09-15 14:21:05
Sheet thickness and the width is much less than steel.Its transverse bending ability is poor, should not be used in both transverse bending load.In terms of its material is the metal plate, but because of its special geometric thickness is small, so the processing technology of sheet components has its particularity.And thin plate component related processing technology has three types: (1) blanking: it includes shearing and blanking.(2) forming: it includes bending, folding, edge and deep drawing.(3) connection: it includes welding, adhesive, etc.Sheet components of structure design should consider the requirement of processing technology and characteristics.In addition, to pay attention to the batch size of components.
Sheet component is widely adopted because sheet has the following advantages:
(1) easy to deformation, this simple process manufacturing a variety of forms available artifacts.
(2) light weight sheet components.
(3) the processing capacity is small, due to their high surface quality of plate, thickness direction small size tolerance, surface preparation.
(4) easy cutting, welding, can produce large and complex components.
(5) shape specifications, convenient automatic processing.