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The combination of laser processing

Angelina Dong Original 2015-07-27 16:53:37
Laser processing machine has the remarkable characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, now, a new type of laser cutting combination machine tools to solve the high cost of the past, do not adapt to the contradiction with actual demand, has brought the new vitality for small and medium-sized mechanical processing enterprises.

Whether using laser welding, cutting, or using a laser carving, all using laser processing machine has the remarkable characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, but relatively high purchasing cost and maintenance cost of use also makes small and medium-sized enterprises have been off to its, in addition, the laser machine high production efficiency, often were not adapted to the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises.Now, high cost and demand contradiction question has had the new change.

Laser - the combination of the blanking

Not long ago, Trumpf will compound Trumatic 3000 L machine tools on the market.This is a increased in laser machine cutting processing function of complex machine, it combines the advantages of the two kinds of processing technology, can complete the processing in a clamping process.Inner and outer contour of the workpiece can be caused by laser fast and high quality to complete the cutting deformation of machining, stamping, sheet of ear, tongue, and thread processing can make use of blanking, tapping process to complete.

Using the latest successful development of complex stamping die and dispersive cooling TCF - type I laser, the laser cutting combination machine can complete the maximum thickness of 4 mm of any sheet material of all processing task, its biggest impact force of up to 165 kn, stamping production rhythm of up to 600 times/min.Its power to 2 kw CO2 laser, had a very good quality (K = 0.9), laser laser cutting speed can be up to 8 m/min (1 mm thick plate), 3 m/min (4 mm thick plate) and 1.8 m/min (stainless steel or aluminum plate).

Half a drift of optical technology

Another world-class laser equipment manufacturer, Amada Haan company recently launched their new products - cutting - laser sheet metal processing center, it is referred to as "drift" EMZ - 3510 - Z NT optical system, the system can guarantee sheet processed only in the X coordinate direction, and at this point, the laser along the Y direction can automatically determine the best working position.It allows users to cut sheet at a speed of 20 m/min, the power of high energy laser - 4 kw power laser can be finished in economic efficient of stainless steel plate and aluminium plate cutting processing, processing of 6 mm stainless steel plate cutting speed can be up to 4 m/min.

According to Amada company, its "drift" optical system can be in metal material cut to provide users with good help.For security reasons, has long been a "final cutting", the "final cutting" is often unnecessary empty cutting stroke, the result is a waste of time, while "drift" optical system avoids this problem very well.

This combination of machining center are able to do 1000 times/min blanking, under special conditions can reach 1800 times/min cutting speed, cutting force of up to 300 kn, table size 2.5 m * 1.27 m.

5.5 holes per second processing

Bystronic company's latest high speed laser machine Byspeed 4020 sheet can processing of maximum size is 4 m * 2 m, it can not only cut a straight line at a speed of 28 m/min, and it also can quickly cutting circular hole and square hole, the highest speed 5.5 holes can be processed per second.

In the square hole and rectangular hole machining, this machine adopts the scanning technology: in the X direction cutting in the first place, then cut in the Y direction, rather than the traditional method of all the cutting a hole right the first time.

Two kinds of laser source design has a 4.4 kW and 5.2 kW of power, can choose according to user needs.ARC technology can be used to make the laser beam adjustment according to the material and thickness of the plate, the diameter of the laser beam in the whole cutting range remains the same, according to the manufacturer, after using this technology, can guarantee in the process of large plate cutting has a very high cutting quality.

There is a small laser high-speed pipe production equipment - "Mini Master" laser Master, it is formed by Weil Engineering limited liability company to market the product, it can complete length of 20 ~ 250 mm, thickness 0.4 ~ 2 mm short, 25 to 65 mm diameter pipe production.

The biggest characteristic of this machine can be continuous feeding.A high degree of automation products can achieve rapid HuanXing (up to 10 min).1200 pieces per hour can be welding, but also allows the user to laser welding, WIG activity trace plasma gas shielded welding and welding three welding way to choose.This kind of machine tool in automobile muffler, ternary catalysts, fuel filter, transmission and IHU parts production, has a very good application prospect.