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Outdoor cabinet

Angelina Dong Original 2015-07-30 10:10:00
The process characteristics and performance
1. The exquisite workmanship, elegant appearance, for your project
2. Can open the door, before and after mounting plate galvanized or powder, and can move up and down 40 mm, convenient installation
3. The door is on the installation of the assembly holes of the welding has good article, direct use of M4 tapping screw, convenient in installation

4. Trough type box, polyurethane foam sealing strip, to form good protective box, IP55 protection level
5. At the bottom of the cover-plate into line, jean type box cover is equipped with a special limit bracket, convenient solid lid when they open them
6. Choose materials are of high quality cold-rolled steel sheet or high quality stainless steel, the thickness of the material: the case of 1.5 mm, and the door is jean type cover 2 mm,
Mounting plate is 2.5 mm
7. International quality cabinets can be replacement parts
8. Surface treatment: degreasing, phosphating, electrophoresis paint, electrostatic powder spraying
9. The main body color: ARL7032, mounting plate, titian
10. But according to the customer request custom all kinds of size and opening.

The process characteristics and performance
1. Double shell casing, it is very effective against damage and environmental impact from the outside.
2. Door adornment are embedded, appear elegant nobility, open Angle Angle of 135 degrees, also can adjust the opening Angle of 180 degrees.
3. The protective tank side of box, waterproof and dustproof, polyurethane foam sealing strip, sealing reliable performance, IP65 protection group.
4. Using external hinge and lock, and design scheme can be applied to concealment and locks
, after casing wall is equipped with a solid wall hanging belt, ease of installation.
5. The casing up, down, left, right and equipped with aluminum inside plate, box back wall
Aluminum parts, for the comprehensive protective device in the cabinet.
6. Material: adopt the aluminum plate, thickness: 2.0 mm, base with cold rolled
Steel plate, thickness: 2.5 mm.
7. Surface treatment: spray aluminum plate after oxidation, special powder, steel to oil, phosphorus
Spray, electrophoresis paint, special powder.
8. Color: subject RAL7035 (according to customer color powder) auxiliary parts: blue
9. According to the customer request custom specifications hanging and open hole