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good shoes can help you use the standing desk well

Kitty song 2017-08-03 15:51:32
If you adopt an adjustable standing desk at work, you are going to spend a lot more time on your feet. This is good for your overall health, but you do need the right footwear to get the most out of ergonomic height adjustable standing desks. Spending several hours standing is not easy on your leg and back muscles. Just ask any waitress. So here are some tips to protect your feet and make your legs and lower back just a bit more comfortable now that you’ve adopted a healthier work style with a standing desk. The most important thing is to have a pair of comfortable shoes that provide adequate, even support. Think about the kind of shoes nurses wear. They look vaguely athletic, although without the thick, sporty heel padding of expensive trainers. Nurses favor their utilitarian, reliable, and supportive design because they minimize aches and pains while spending all day on your feet. Although most professionals cannot commit the fashion crime of wearing such practical, unattractive shoes, we can draw inspiration from nurse shoes to identify more ergonomic options.