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Tips for running a business while studying

Kitty song 2017-08-07 10:05:35
Its tough,” Tom Meehan, who founded Minibarra while studying for a degree in Business Management with Finance at the University of Westminster, admits. “It’s a balancing act and requires self-discipline. We all love what we’re doing at Minibarra, and it’s easily to get distracted by it. I timetabled my revision time and work time and followed it religiously. We had to slow things down during the exam period, though. It’s a similar story for other entrepreneurs in the same boat. Sarah Carthy, who is working on her ride-sharing app, Opty Cab, while studying maths and economics at Newcastly University says that she also set aside clear times for studying and sticks to a rigid plan. “If I didn’t I would most likely spend all my time on Opty Cab,” she confesses. “However, I know how to efficiently set targets and get what needs to be done, done.”