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Sheet metal processing surface treatment

Angelina Dong original 2015-10-16 13:12:19
Sheet metal processingArtifacts in bending, pressure riveting process to stop the appearance after the completion of treatment, such as different plate appearance of disposition, cold plate processing ordinary stop appearance after electroplating, plating don't stop after spraying treatment, USES is stop phosphating treatment, after phosphating treatment to stop the spray treatment.Plate type appearance cleaning, degreasing, then stop spraying.Stainless steel plate (with mirror plate, fog panel, wire drawing board) was conducted on the bending line can stop drawing disposal, don't spray, such as spraying to stop play disposal;Aluminum ordinary using oxidation treatment, on the basis of the spraying different color choose different oxidation color.

  Commonly used with a black oxidation and nature;Aluminum plate spray stop chromate oxidation disposal after spraying.Appearance before disposal that can make clean appearance, coating adhesion, obvious progress can progress exponentially coating corrosion resistance force.Cleaning flow Mr. Cheng the workpiece, the workpiece on the assembly line, the first after cleaning solution degreasing powder (alloy), and then into the clean water, the second after spray area, after drying area, finally the workpiece removed from the assembly line.