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The introduce of sheet metal chassis production, cooling and cleaning

Angelina Dong original 2015-10-19 13:49:07
Angelina Dong   Sales3@sheetmetal-fabrication.com
Sheet metal processingChassis cabinets production notice: in the process of chassis cabinets manufacturing to a number of metal sheet or manually through the tools to make it out of shape, and then designed the shape and size of customer requirements.And in this process, requirements after welding and other way to put some parts stop processing disposal, reaches the design objective request.

Sheet metal chassis cabinets processing cooling:

Machine will generate heat in the process of work, and if the quantity of heat to a certain extent will make machine equipment fails, the same is true of chassis cabinets, so is there any way to enables the company to rapid cooling?In fact, this needs us to find the chassis cabinets fever heat source and its working environment, we need to take different measures for different condition is, so that the company is easy to discharge quantity of heat, and for the ascension of temperature also has the certain control.
Sheet metal chassis cabinets clean considerations:
1. Rinse the sheet metal chassis appearance, clean the appearance of dirt.
2. By joining in the water the soap, liquid washing agent or 5% of the ammonia solution water cleaning chassis cabinets.
3. To use clean water to wash the chassis cabinets.
4. DryChassis cabinetsAppearance of water damage and let the dry it looks natural.