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The correct sheet metal processing can reduce the resonance chassis cabinets

Angelina Dong original 2015-10-15 13:12:31
With the continuous development of life, increasing demand for sheet metal processing, and for the industrySheet metal processingActually there is no a complete and accurate definition.
Sheet metal processing and the three most important step is to cut, blunt/cutting, folding, its definition can be so understanding:

  Is in fact sheet metal processing, sheet metal processing some sheet metal by manually or stamping mould make its produce plastic deformation, made from a variety of models, we can hope to achieve such as electronic products shell, communications equipment shell, the electric tank shell and so on process;
  Sheet metal processing in foreign countries is so defined, in view of the sheet metal (usually in under 6 mm), an integrated cold process including cutting, punching/cut/composite, folding, welding, riveting, joining together, forming (such as car body).The significant feature is the thickness on the same part.Sheet metal processing in laser material processing technology is the first practical application of laser technology.Sheet metal workshop generally USES a pulsed laser, laser drilling in high energy density, time is shorter, can be processed 1 mu m holes, especially suitable for processing has a certain Angle and material thinner hole, also suitable for processing high strength hardness or soft material on the parts of brittle of deep and small hole.
  Qing county sheet metal processing factory in order to enhance the overall effectiveness of the sheet metal chassis cabinets frame adopts double flanged design so that it can be installed at the front door to strengthen to improve its overall stiffness.
  For new design hinged structure conducive to sheet metal chassis cabinets cupboard door open and left and right of swaps.At the same time, sheet metal chassis cabinets surface spray treatment to increase the rust protection and corrosion resistant and uv resistance.The appearance of the metal chassis cabinets need not good-looking, but also the comprehensive consideration of chassis cabinets overall performance temperament.
  Sheet metal chassis cabinets equipment on floor, on the principle of ergonomics.
  Through to the cabinet to strengthen design, choose reasonable vibration isolation system, and then after the test, sheet metal chassis cabinets can meet the using demand of the airborne environment.Sheet metal chassis cabinets with vibration isolation technology research and application of the new sheet metal processing, as well as the continuous improvement of the dynamic testing technology and the improvement of vibration analysis and vibration isolation design method will be more rich and perfect.To make sheet metal chassis cabinets can all-around observation with full glass decoration inside the equipment for the operation of equipment.
  Textured shape set and the existence of the curved handle is coupled with sheet metal chassis cabinets use the color of ral7032 soft and easy to promoted the temperament of the so-called equipment as a whole.
  Sheet metal chassis cabinets need it highlighted by the overall performance of the various parts of effective cooperation, so as to make our company the best overall performance.
  Sheet metal chassis cabinets will produce certain vibration in the process of work, and long time of resonance will be a certain amount of damage to the equipment.Say so in the face of such vibrations can be installed in sheet metal processing of shock absorber, and after the installation of 1 o - 2000 hz range almost no resonance amplification phenomenon, although appeared irregular peak around 200 hz, sheet metal chassis cabinets have resonance amplifier, but time is very short, transfer rate reduce quickly, the impact on the rack.How the company can have a good production effect, we have to start from its selection.A good product must first need to choose the high quality of the material.
  For chassis cabinets after leaving the factory also need to test the phenomenon such as crack, and for joint also can not appear loose phenomenon.
And then the specific requirements for designers, and environment need to according to customer's requirementsChassis cabinetsFor the design of the overall performance, and then according to the drawings for the whole performance of system, production.For production in the process of sheet metal processing, we need to consider the power set, cooling the integral effect of the compatibility and cable distribution and so on, thus people control sheet metal chassis cabinets have a good usability.