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In Which Industries Are Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Mainly Applied?

Houdry 2023-08-16 10:16:59

Sheet metal fabrication is actually the processing of metal products. By custom sheet metal, the metal sheet is transformed to achieve multiple purposes in various industries. There are many methods of sheet metal fabrication. The main processes of sheet metal fabrication include cutting and blanking, CNC bending, punching, punching, rolling, riveting, welding and other methods. In life, there are many products that use the sheet metal fabrication of the custom sheet metal factory to realize value. For example, every family needs a door and stainless steel windows, as well as electrical boxes, various control boxes, etc., which are all processed through sheet metal parts. Currently, sheet metal fabrication is developing in the direction of large-scale.


Customization is the core of sheet metal fabrication, because each product is applied in a different place, and customization can be sampled and produced according to customer needs to meet customer needs. We all know that sheet metal fabrication is an important process for the forming of sheet metal products. Sheet metal fabrication needs to go through dozens or even hundreds of processes. Customized sheet metal fabrication runs through every corner of our lives. The following is a custom sheet metal fabrication manufacturer in China to tell you Where is sheet metal fabrication specifically used and in which fields can it be applied?

1. The field of intelligent channel system
For example, our common community passages and subway passages can be intelligently judged by scanning cards to open or close the passages. Infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement gates, quarantine gate gate manufacturers, etc. are now widely used in various places. The gates of the intelligent passage system It is the product of sheet metal fabrication.

2. Electronic product manufacturing field
The chassis and mechanical shells of many electronics and home appliances are also products of sheet metal fabrication. Sheet metal chassis processing and sheet metal cabinet fabrication are also two types of sheet metal fabrication that account for a relatively large proportion.

3. Automobile manufacturing field
Most of the car shells are processed by sheet metal. One is that the cost is lower than that of carbon fiber, the other is that it is easy to form and weld, and the third is to ensure the strength of the body. In the field of transportation, electric vehicle charging piles can also be obtained through sheet metal fabrication.

4. Medical field
It needs to be applied to sheet metal fabrication in medical equipment, such as hydrotherapy equipment, medical testing equipment, beauty equipment, etc.

5. Self-service equipment
The shells of self-service ticket machines, vending machines, self-service coffee machines and other equipment are mostly made of sheet metal fabrication, and sheet metal shell processing is also a large category of sheet metal fabrication.

To sum up, if we observe carefully, we will find that the products of sheet metal fabrication are everywhere in our life, ranging from the tools we use for cooking to the vehicles we usually take. Which one of these can be separated from? Sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal fabrication plays an important role in our production and life, without sheet metal fabrication, there would be no convenient and intelligent life for us today. Suzhou Houdry Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co.,Ltd. is a customized sheet metal supplier, providing customized sheet metal services for customers in different industries.