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Fiber laser is "spoiler" of sheet metal processing

vansamson sheetmetal-fabrication.com 2016-01-19 11:03:59
Sheet metal processing and sheet metal is a two indispensable industry in our lives, almost all metals are used to sheet metal processing, manufacturing and sheet metal parts in mechanical equipment manufacturers also has a high rate of appearance, since 2005, the momentum of development is very rapid, sheet metal industry in the market position and component is becoming more and more important, not only brought huge economic benefits to our enterprise, also brought convenience to our residents of production and life.
Production capacity requirements accelerate the sheet metal industry rapid development, China is a manufacturing exporter, in particular, many foreign companies to invest in China, along with the advancement of science of metal finishing ability continuously expanded, and the chassis cabinets, metal processing industries such as electronic control box belong to sheet metal processing, metal packaging requirements changes they are about the changes on the demand of the sheet metal processing.
Higher profits, sheet metal processing to the requirement of human is higher, and stamping can reach 30%, laser cutting can reach about 50%, although it accounts for only about 25% of the metal processing, sheet metal processing but with the progress of the market, I believe in sheet metal processing and occupy market share will be bigger and bigger.
At present, CNC laser cutting technology in our country has begun to take shape, the application of advanced laser cutting in coordination with the sheet metal processing and auxiliary, will become the key to enhance the level of domestic automobile industry technology progress, laser cutting technology is developed with the development of sheet metal industry, automobile spare parts manufacturing and automotive body molding manufacture is the key of the laser cutting applications, now to laser cutting and sheet metal processing and new technology, new technology has become a magic weapon for winning the manufacturer.
1. Laser cutting
Laser cutting has good cutting effect and precision, and operation is very simple, it has the advantage of also is more obvious than the machine cutting, such as quick cutting speed, narrow kerf width, high smoothness of incision and micro deformation, small heat affected zone and high efficiency features, now cutting not only confined to the two-dimensional plane cutting, more toward 3 d three-dimensional cutting.
2. Laser welding
Laser welding can help us to realize the welding equipment such as casting, a large number of laser welding in gradually reduce the weight of the car body, and has the very high quality and safety performance, and the application of sheet metal processing technology, in addition in became the undisputed China automobile body processing technology.
3. The laser drilling
Except for large diameter round hole drilling is suitable for small diameter hole, laser drilling in some more well-known enterprises, can reach 7 mm diameter less than 0.2 mm deep processing.
With the continuous development of sheet metal processing, the demand for laser processing equipment is becoming more and more obvious, especially in the increasing demand of high power laser devices.